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Voice of The Majority is made up of dozens of conservative thinking volunteers that are contributors and editors of this Membership only Social Media Platform. All are driven by a single goal: “to do our part to ensure the United States remains the greatest nation in the world with a mission to preserve individual freedoms and rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution.”
Voice of The Majority is NOT associated with, or controlled by any single candidate or other political group. Our members and volunteer contributors maintain the highest standards in posting verified news and discussions that will keep conservative centered individuals informed with current information.
With your support of Voice of the Majority, we will be able to spread this message across the country and put political power back where it belongs; in the hands of the law-abiding Majority. It is imperative that We The Majority, preserve Our Nation and the fundamental principals that are at the core of its foundation. To do that, we must take our message across the country and empower those who share our vision. Carrying out these tasks requires not only courage, passion and determination, but also funding. Your help in this area would be greatly appreciated.